Feature Screenplay | Romantic Comedy | 119 pages

Logline: Given a chance to finally shatter the glass ceiling at her company, a workaholic tech exec hires a wife to even the odds between her and a cocky married co-worker, exposing the effects of marriage on our careers.

Summary: Megan is a workaholic, you would think it would’ve earned her the role of her dreams by now. She’s sacrificed everything and she’s so close she can taste it. But there’s something, or someone, standing in her way. Natesh is up for the same promotion and he’s got one thing Megan doesn’t – a wife. Why not even the odds, she thinks? With the help of her best friend in HR, she hires a wife. It changes her life in ways she never imagined.

Status: Complete and Available


Series Screenplay | Dramedy | TBD

Logline: The true story of how a man with dozens of jobs, a rap sheet, thousands of sexual partners, and musical talent earned the title of “Dad.”

Status: Draft in Progress


Feature Screenplay | Romantic Comedy | TBD

Logline: A woman is driven to her booze-soaked rock bottom when she finds out her latest crush is gay, again. She asks a a wicked fairy drag queen to turn her into a man so she can finally have the perfect boyfriend.

Status: Draft in Progress

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