It’s terrible that after 30 days of writing every day, I can still be stumped by how to start a post. The big empty white box waits to be filled. There is no title, no photo, not tags, no cross links. My shoulder is killing me, whether it’s from writing every day or sleeping on it funny, I don’t know.

I am thinking about how weird it will be to not feel obligated to broadcast my thoughts to the world every night before the clock strikes twelve. My husband and daughter will be happy to have me all to themselves again. I will no longer be able to hide behind this obligation and go sit in bed with my laptop, knowing that everyone in the house is going to leave me alone. Most of all I am thinking how will miss the nightly Facebook chats as my blogging buddies share their posts and egg each other on with cartoons of adorable cats doing silly things. I’m hoping that the people who followed my blog this month will stick around and that I will have more to give them.

On October 30th, when I called Laura to ask her if we were really going to do this, and she told me she couldn’t be my blogging buddy, I was pretty disappointed – for about 1 second. Then something whispered in my ear and I just blurted it out. “How about you just tell me what to write every day?” Having Laura tell me what to write every day made this month possible. Having Madeline, Kelly and Berak write from those same prompts made it a party. Who doesn’t want a month long party? Tomorrow morning we are meeting up to have a celebration breakfast, and our chat thread is a cherished thing we all intend to nurture.

Sure, I could have followed the prompts on, but everybody has those.These were written with me in mind. And the Blogher prompts weren’t the ones popping up on my phone at the most appropriate moment, when maybe I would have forgotten to write. I also could have skipped the challenging prompts and picked something else, and then I would have missed out on some of the best writing I have ever published. I would never have chosen to write about a Dina Goldstein photo, superhero fiction, my fears, or anticipation.

My goal with this challenge was to stoke my creativity. It worked. I remember now that whenever I’m feeling dull, I can sit down to write, open the channels, and all sorts of ideas come pouring out. Often they are not the ideas I was trying to squeeze out of my brain – sometimes they’re even better. A lot of things in life can be like staring at a blank page, if you just start putting your thoughts out there, eventually the good stuff comes out too.

One thought on “Crossing the Finish Line

  1. It’s a shame that it took me a month to read your final post. And, yes, I am so glad that it only took you a second to turn your disappointment into a challenge. I still remember how you didn’t even wait to take a breath before deciding not to let me off the hook from being your blogging buddy (or a form of it). Thank you, Harmony. And what amazing writing you had this month.

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