I love to entertain. I have always dreamed of having a formal dining room that seats 10 with matching china. Alas, I still do not have this, but I’m getting closer.  I live within the city limits of Seattle and unless you own a home that’s valued at over half-a-million dollars, formal dining rooms are hard to come by. Most homes in my price range have eat-in kitchens. For the last ten years that I’ve lived in Seattle, my table has seated no more than four.

When we embarked on our remodeling project, I started dreaming of at least having a table that seats 6-8. Before our loan was even closed (which it never did), Tom and I were surfing Craig’s List for tables. Once we were moving out of the house and I started a new job, we forgot about the search. It wasn’t until the project fell through and we were moving into a rental house that we started thinking about it again.

Our new home is an open layout, so there is no formal dining room – just one big open space for the kitchen, living and dining areas. When we moved in and placed our tiny four person table (that had to be squeezed into any of our previous spaces) into the dining area, it looked ridiculously miniature. Our thoughts turned to one particular Craig’s list post.

Luckily, I haven’t cleaned out an email inbox since the search function was added. I typed in “table” and up came the post about a guy who makes farmhouse style tables custom to your specs. The link went to the Facebook page for Montana Table. The most recent post on their page announced that they would be at the Seattle Home Show. “Hey,” I said to Tom, “Want to go to the Home Show?”

We arrived, and made a bee line for their booth. Peter Eldridge, the owner, was there and so were an assortment of the handcrafted tables made in his Montana Workshop. We sat at the tables and on the benches. We hemmed and hawed about a lot of details, including size, color, and leg configuration. Tom asked Peter if he could raise the cross brace on the leg, so his feet could slide underneath. Peter wasn’t just amenable, he was excited! After we settled on the parameters, Peter drew up a contract. We were pleased at how affordable it was going to be, and especially pleased that it could be delivered to our home before Thanksgiving.

That day was followed by an extended email exchange where we changed our minds on the size and the stain. Peter was so pleasant to work with and sent us regular updates on the progress. He even posted the photo you see above with our custom table leg design, to Facebook. He named it the “Harmony leg” design, and I love that the legs look like the letter H.

Last Friday, when co-workers asked me what I was doing for the weekend, the first thing that came out of my mouth was, “My new table is being delivered!” It’s all I could really think about. I haven’t been so excited about a new piece of furniture in a long time. The anticipation was especially strong because we had been so involved in the process.

Peter was texting us his progress as they made their way from Montana to Seattle. They arrived between 1:30 and 1:45 p.m. as promised. I saw the truck and huge trailer pull up on the side street outside my kitchen window. I was squealing with delight. Peter and his son carried in the table, while his wife and daughter came inside to use our bathroom. After they put the table in place, they took a photo of our family at the table, and then went off to make their next delivery. They were so friendly and sweet, I was sad they couldn’t stay.

For the rest of the weekend, every time we walked by the table, Tom and I gasped and said, “It’s so beautiful!’ I am sitting at the table now writing this post – and my standards for furniture shopping are forever changed.

This post is in response to a writing prompt by Laura Kimball:
Prompt #25 (Nov 27)
The eve before Thanksgiving is kind of like Christmas Eve for me because it signifies the start of the holiday season. I love the feeling excitement and anticipation that’ll come the next day and how hard it is to calm down to go to sleep. Tell me a story about a night when you couldn’t contain your anticipation and you were excited beyond belief, almost like how you feel on Christmas Eve…

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