Each day I have been writing based on a prompt (which I might call a challenge) from my fellow blogger Laura of www.lamiki.com. Each one has seemed more challenging than the last. I have not missed a one (posted late once). The topics have been so varied, I got a comment today, asking me to post the prompt first. I am trying it out, let me know what you think.

Today’s Prompt: Love is a gigantic word that’s definition and how we use it has evolved over time. There is family love, life partner love, BFF-always-and-forever love, and OMG-I-loooooovvvvveeeeee-that love. Tell me a love story about one version of “love”–what it represents, what it means, and how you use it (or don’t).

I spent my young single life seeking out love. There is nothing I wanted more than a man to love me. Perhaps it was a symptom of growing up in a Prince Charming obsessed society. Long story short, I succeeded. I wasn’t really satisfied until we were married either. The wedding vows proved it. Sure we had said the words to each other before that many times and I felt it for sure, but something in me didn’t feel like it was bona fide until we said it in front of a crowd. Then I thought that was it, I had love.

What I didn’t realize is that there are no limits to love. Every time we would go through something together, buying our first house, traveling to far off places, suffering through a setback, I would realize that our love had deepened and intensified. Then we had a baby.

There is no love like a family.

First there was the moment we found out. Then there was the ultrasound where we found out the sex and Tom told me he had been waiting for this baby all his life and her name would be Melody. Then of course she was born and that was huge. But there’s more. Struggling through becoming parents, late night feedings, potty training – all of it – deepened the love. And I haven’t even gotten started on the love I get from Melody.

This little girl tells me she loves me just about every time she sees me. She insists on lots of hugs and kisses. Even today, when I was sick and I told her not to kiss me on the mouth, she went for my cheek. She draws me pictures and somewhere on them is written, “I LOVE U Mom.”

As a little girl I grew up reading and watching love stories, but they all sort of happy-ended when the couple met, or got married. What I didn’t know was, that version of love is love-light and I am just beginning to grasp what infinite love actually means.

Tomorrow’s prompt:

Prompt #19 (Nov 21)

You are not your resume; you are a collective of your life/work experience combined. If you were to look at all the jobs you’ve had, the hobbies, the things you choose to do, and what excites you the most, what’s that common thread that weaves all of those things together?

Who are you at your core? What is it that you can’t, not do?

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