I was late to the the Game of Thrones party. I didn’t start reading the books until after people were already talking about season 1 on HBO. I didn’t see a single episode, but I thought that if HBO was willing to spend a boat load of money on making a fantasy novel come to life, I had better check it out.

I have always been a fan of the fantasy genre. When I was in 5th grade I got really into a series where a pair of young fraternal twins trades places – the girl dresses as a boy and goes off to become a knight and the boy, pretending to be a second male twin goes to become a scholar. I couldn’t get enough.

I didn’t jump right into watching the shows. I read some of the books first. It was really hard to get into the first book. I think I was 300 pages in before I cared two shits about any of the characters. But sooner or later I was hooked. I read book two very quickly and was so desperate for book three, that I wasn’t willing to wait for my turn with a library copy. I bought the damn paperback. Then I broke down and bought season 1 on DVD.

I watched it with Tom who hadn’t read any of the books. I was excited to share the thing that had kept me occupied for so many hours. I was immediately taken by the music and the incredible stop-motion intro. The characters were well cast and the sets and costumes were amazing. Peter Dinklage was a better Tyrion than the one in my mind, and Lena Headey brought Cersei to new lows. The best part of it all was that it allowed me to rant things like, “THAT didn’t happen in the book!” and “They totally added this scene for the sex!” and “He never said that!” and “There was so much more to that storyline than they were able to shoot.”

I knew all the characters in detail – their backgrounds, their motivations and the things that were going to happen to them in the future and I could share all that with Tom. “Oh you just wait and see what he does next!” Luckily, Tom has no problem with spoilers. I am the queen of spoilers.

The show made reading the final two books a richer experience. Feast of Crows would have been impossible to get through if I didn’t have the show to provide me with visuals. Dance with Dragons was really great, and I can’t wait to see what HBO does with that. And because I was watching the earlier plots while I was reading the later ones, it helped me remember some of the character motivations and back story that I would have otherwise forgotten.

So now I wait. For Season 4 of Game of Thrones to debut in the spring of 2014 and for the next book, The Winds of Winter, which could come as late as 2017. Good thing I have the shows to tide me over until them. Thank you HBO for bringing this world to life and for bringing my attention to it in the first place. Also so I could get these jokes:

This was my 15th post for #NaBloPoMo and was inspired by a prompt given to me by Laura.

5 thoughts on “Why I love HBO for Making “Game of Thrones”

  1. Love hearing folks getting into Game of Thrones! I just go the latest book on paperback, and while I usually read a book in a few days I find myself slowing down because I know it’ll probably be a few more years before the next one and I don’t want to wait. And wait. And wait…

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