Its rare to go from never having even heard of a band, to be completely obsessed with them in 15 minutes. KEXP is most often responsible for those reactions. It was that way when I heard Pickwick for the first time. And it happened again tonight with Lake Street Dive.

I went to lie on back on the carpet to stretch out my back and relax for a few moments, and I was pretty close to the speaker. The music was helping me relax and I noticed that I was now listening to the second song in a row from the same artist. I asked Tom who it was, because I thought he was playing a record and he responded that he thought it was a live in studio on KEXP. Then I started listening harder. Pretty soon my eyes were closed and I was drinking in every instrument, and then lack of instruments as they left space for the amazingly versatile voice of the singer. Maybe it was how much she reminded me of Amy Winehouse, but oooh, then there were backup singers and they blended into the prettiest harmony I have heard in a a long time. When the rest of my family got too noisy I ran into the other room so I could finish listening to the set.

I am hooked. And now I am angry because they just played at the Tractor in Ballard, and I wasn’t there. They are headed off on a European tour. Maybe they will come back when their album comes out in February. In the meantime, I will have to settle for their last record and some Youtube stalking.

Here is another one that went down smooth.

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