This photo is of Adam Goldberg and I playing with Christmas lights. We did a whole photo shoot with them. Adam, if you are reading this and want the rest of them, just let me know. There are some great ones of you.

My first memory of Adam was sitting across from me at 3 am at the Yaffa Cafe on 1st Ave between Ave A and B. I was eating a bagel with cream cheese, tomato and pepper. He was doing Woody Allen impressions and teaching me about what it means to be Jewish and keeping me laughing until my sides hurt. Having moved to New York to go to NYU –  but really to marry Paul Riser or Jerry Seinfeld, I thought I had hit the jackpot on day one. I found out very quickly that Adam was taken – but that didn’t stop us from being buddies.

Adam is still married to his highschool sweetheart and is fulfilling his destiny as a brilliant comedy writer. He just launched the show The Goldbergs and ABC just ordered another 9 episodes. I have been having a blast watching Adam’s childhood played out on Primetime. I especially love the clips of the real Adam and his family. I haven’t seen Adam since college, but through the miracle of Facebook, I feel like he is still within reach. Adam is uses social media for promoting his show and is all about #Throwback Thursday. Adam, this one is dedicated to you from H$. I still don’t understand Kosher but I still love pickles.

This was my seventh post for #NaBloPoMo and was inspired by the prompt given to me yesterday by Laura. And here is her gift for tomorrow:

Prompt #6 (Nov 8)
We all work in social media and when we first started experimenting with it, social media was disruptive and threw each of our careers and professional lives in a new direction. But what was new then has grown old. So tell me about the last time something blew your mind. What’s the last truly revolutionary idea, experience or thing you encountered?

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