When I was five years old all of my strongest memories include my best friend. Her name was Gala. Her name was as weird in 1981 as my mine. Our mom’s were both single hippie mom’s who were friends that supported each other. We were part of a strong community of really cool people, who believed in things like the Harmonic Convergence and organic tofu, when you could only buy it in the health food co-op.

We spent hours imagining ourselves into all sorts of worlds and played dress up and invented names and clubs, as all little girls do. Because our Moms were single and needed some alone time now and then, we would spend entire weekend’s at each others homes. Gala was practically a sister to me, and remains so to this day. She moved out of the state when we were nine, and it was devastating. Fortunately we kept in touch and our families traveled between California and Maui fairly often. I saw Gala as recently as 5 years ago and think about her often.

Melody is five going on six and she has a best friend too. They are playing next to me while I am writing. Being silly, inventing games, and arguing over who knows more about slingshots. They met on Melody’s first day of a new preschool. Alice was told that a new girl would be coming to her school, because her Dad was in Tom’s carpool. When Melody was signing in the first morning, Alice walked in after us and immediately screamed “MEELLOODDYYY!” and came running to give her a hug. That was pretty much that.

It is funny how much watching your child learn and grow reminds you of your own childhood. Melody has the same active imagination and creative spirit I did. She is also just as messy and defiant as I was, with her own ideas of how her clothes should be and that her hair looks fine without brushing. Her hands are often stained with many colors of pen, and there is tape all over her carpet. I still struggle with the messes I make. And most of all she is a loyal and loving friend, who is never happier than when on an adventure with them.

I hope that Melody stays the creative dynamo that she is. I hope that she and Alice will always be friends.

It’s day two of #NaBloPoMo and it’s such a luxury to not have to decide what to write about. Last night Laura sent today’s topic via text and I was able to sleep and dream and lie in bed in early morning, writing this post in my head.

Can’t wait to write about this tomorrow:
Prompt #2 (Nov 3)
You’ve heard the saying before: “Do you live to eat or do you eat to live?” As an adult, society tells us that we must live by the latter. But living in Seattle, we are living in a foodie’s paradise. So fess up — what’s your one guilty, culinary pleasure?

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