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I have never done a 30-day challenge – probably because my commitment to any extra curricular activity lasts for a maximum of two weeks. I have always been jealous of those around me who have the will to be consistent. I am a romantic, and the 30 day discipline is a romantic notion. I have no idea when exactly it became the phenomenon it is today, but I did find a tumblr that archives 30-day challenges as far back as 2011 – including a Britney Spears Challenge.

I suppose my previous blog, 100 Days or more, was a “challenge” of sorts. And it is possible that there was a 30 day period in the hundred that I didn’t skip a day or two – but probably not. Worse, since launching this blog back in January, I have posted so infrequently, as to forget about it almost entirely. This is sad. I love writing more than just about anything, and lately I haven’t been inspired to write much of anything other than checks and to-do lists.

There is no better way to stoke the eternal flame of creativity, than to write every single day, so I am going to take the leap and join up with National Blog Posting Month, #Nablopomo, and I have made it official on This post counts as day #1.

But that is the least interesting thing about this announcement. The twist is, I am teaming up with two other bloggers: @lamiki of and @madelinemoy of Madeline and I will receive daily texts from Laura with our topic for the following day. It’s one part accountability, one part competition and a whole lot of social. Let the games begin!

Prompt #1 (Nov 2):
Who you were as a five-year-old is an indication of who you will be as an adult. You both have five-year-olds now with big personalities. What is one thing about them that makes them who they are; one thing that they hope will stay as they get older?

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