During the time that was my 100 day experiment, I wrote about needing a dream. In that post, I decided the dream I was most driven by, was a new house. That dream persisted. It is so close to becoming a reality that I am regularly pinching myself.

It’s been over a year since we started the journey. We hired an architect and have been slowly revising and refining the plans. We got bids, and chose a contractor. We connected with a banker who specializes in renovation loans. Then we filled out 80 pages of paperwork and faxed them in. Now, we wait.

It is a grand plan to be sure. Attempting anything on this scale is terrifying. This particular terror includes two moves in six months, a sizable increase in our mortgage payments, a lot of faith in the Seattle economy, and literally ripping the roof off of our home of the last six years. We will have to make 1001 decisions of all sizes and levels of importance. The only way we have been able to breathe is to take each step one at a time and have faith that things will keep moving forward.

The next week or so will reveal the truth. If the loan fails to be approved, we will move on to plan B – moving out, fixing up and selling our home, getting a regular loan and then shopping for a new home. Now that I have written that all out, it seems like an equally exhausting to do list.

Somehow, there has been enough synchronicity on this path that I can feel it’s the right one. I know our time has not been wasted. Everything has been mysteriously working out according to plan. Our permit appointment is in two weeks, and something tells me we will have our financing locked in by then.

I believe in manifestation. Not to the level of “The Secret” – that method seems shallow and greedy. I simply believe that in order to make a dream come true, you need to be able to clearly see it. I have wanted to put a second story on our house for many years. I finally realized that unless we took the steps to be able to envision ourselves living in that space, it would always just be a point of conversation and nothing more. Before working with Parie Hines, we spent countless hours arguing about where the stairs would go. Now we know.

At any point along the way, if the answer had been no, we would have changed course. If the answer was, “No. This lot isn’t worth it.” or “No. You cannot afford to pay an architect out of pocket.” or “No. This house is not structurally capable of handling two stories.” or “No. There is no bank that would think to loan you the money to do this.” or “No, this costs too much to make sense.” We would have put a for sale sign in the front yard and moved on. However, we have not heard the word no – yet.

Fear of the unknown is strong. The doubts never stop creeping in and trying to shake our resolve. Yet, the only thing that is real is that we have a plan and the next step in front of us. I strongly encourage anyone who has a big dreams to turn them into big plans and then take the very next step, not worrying about the 100,000 steps to follow. Before you know it, you will be half way there. The destination will slowly come into focus, and you won’t believe your eyes.

That’s me waving from my future home office. This is a cut away view from the back of the house.

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